A letter to him

Dear Mr. X,
I am writing to you to ask you about few things.

First, where have you been when I need you the most?
Second, when will be the time WE go traveling around the world?
Third, I am so nervous to meet you, are you ready to accept me for who I am and never change the way I am?

Mr. X,
You, You exist on this effing earth. You are not perfect. You are a normal guy just like the men that I've ever known before. I believe you will have difficulty to understand girl me and my wants. Surely, it is hard to accept a clumsy girl like me. LIKE ME. Drop things, always and always. It is for sure that I can make you ashamed when you are with me. Watch this out. I have the characteristic of Joyah too. Sometimes, I can talk non-stop and for some time I can be strangely quiet. Can be serious and boring too (influence by the so called PMS). I am not a clown that can cheer you up all the time. You need to remember this. Never ever yell at me or else I'll cry like hell.

Dearest Mr. X,
You need to know that I am going to marry you not because you are perfect. Because you always want to improve yourself. So, work hard  smart to increase the amount of your salary. There should be no words like jobless or got fired. You are the HEAD and act like one. Yes, you are the leader but do walk besides me. I am here to correct you, to ease you or to protect you from a lot of harm. Every succesful man has a lady to support him, not FEW ladies to support him. Anyhow, I always need you to be around and comfort me. You are my world, and you should at least try understand me. You are part of me, so do not get apart from me.

I'll continue writing to you later. Lastly, our relationship is based on I need you to UNDERSTAND me, and you need me to RESPECT you. We should work it out. Till then, I will always love you now, tomorrow and ever after (the day I'll close my eyes).

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