Truer meaning to life

The only reason I went away, because I wanted to go away.
You got no idea why but I just did. And I went far.
You pushed hard to my limit and I pushed back harder.
Life is not just merely 'I'll be there for you'
Even this world offers me a spoon-sized size of life, I would accept wholeheartedly.
I use whatever I have to be still standing. And of course existing.
You won't understand why but I will be every song in the radio you listen to.
You won't forget phenomenal me.
I don't do magic. I am simply magical and beautiful at heart.
I don't rely on any occasion, any man... I define myself.
This is a blessing of disguise, to hv known myself. the truer me the truer you.
So, let's just move on slow.
Like when I was watching the sunset at Marina Bay Sands with the odour I won't forget.
Nothing in the air. Nothingness but it was perfect.
My adrenalined job has the routine I now can see differently.
Like traffic congestion towards Woodlands checkpoint and the crowded Orchard Road.
I could listen to a strange music of orchestra it tore me down.
Noise. Crowd. Faces. Hunger. Impatience. Fashion. Survival.
The voices and that song of the night.
Either sun shine a lil brighter or am I truly exist?!

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