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Have a bad day

Everyone got talent. Everyone has flaws.  Everyone could do anything if they try and put their heart to  it. Today, I failed. I thought I can almost do everything. did not know I could not perform this job until the time has arrived. Oh, no. Bikin malu. A 24 years old girl did not know how to use a TYPEWRITER. It is not that ancient. I used to type using it when I was 14. But, I totally forgot how to function it. I am lost. Luckily I got Pn. Aw, Mr. Vela and Mr.Zahari. They were so nice and helpful. A pile of works have done today. I feel relief though tertinggal kegembiraan hari ini.Tinggal sehari lagi sebelum cuti akhir tahun bermula. Yeay, I love holidays. I love to travel, I love to bersukaria dgn kluarga terchenta....Can't wait.