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Truly an eternal love ~

An enlightening video from which men & women should inspire themselves! May Allah (SWT) bless the Prophet Muhammad SAW...

Hope all muslim can follow his sunnah and become true khalifah in the family.

Hope that I can be a good wife like Siti Khadijah and has a very good spouse who practise sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.amin!

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~ sweet ~

sukaaaa sangaaat lagu ni!!!

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~ Love does....produce wonders ~

When U have NOTHING to fall back on,
LOVE BECOMES the savior,
WHen U have NONSENSE things to say,
LOVE speaks and yeah, it makes sense to you,
LOVE has the magic,
LOVE gives us power,
to live, to bravely face the misery.
Walking through the darkness and hold the light,
it makes us tougher, then feel better,
No, nothing can stop US,
Sinking together,
Sinking again,
Again and again,
Alas and alack,

I love you,

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^ ishq ^

You are my raft in the rapids of life
You are my peace in the midst of strife
You are the shore to a shipwrecked soul
You are the bridge to a lifelong goal
You are the finish of an olympic run
You are the shine when there is no sun
You are a rope when I start to fall...

- Brett Coulter -

I hope you can make a PERFECT 'we'...

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Jinakkan AKU :Perempuan...


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^ i feel sorry ^

i felt guilty,
of being the reason,
putting u there,
in a dangerous zone.

i felt bad,
when i heard you scream like hell,
asking for help,
AND your mum was not around.

I hope you are doing good there~
I hope you could forgive me~
I hope you enter the heaven peacefully...



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... Google Search..lol


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Makin kita mendekatiNya,
Makin kita diuji...
Makin banyak doa,
Makin banyak ujian menimpa...
Kerana segala yang dipinta tak datang dengan segera...
Tapi ia akan diperolehi apabila kita berjaya mengharunginya...
Kerana Allah tak memberi apa yang kita mahu tapi Dia memberi apa ynag kita perlu..

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Ponder upon what he has told me : what I want is totally different with what I need.

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^ what matter ^

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Once, I always think that love is easy to come and go. That I could heal as fast as I could (God willing). As a matter of fact, love isn't easy to go. No matter how much effort is put to chase away the love, it stays. Longer than expected. Looking back those years, I miss the good moments. Although currently we have different directions, I am not leaving the memory behind, I keep it for the sake of I cherish those PERFECT moments.

To be loved and love someone is culturally nature in any human. Couple and spouses always show the passion, the love that grow faster days by days. If it deteriorated, it will changed into hatred or love in form of 'dendam'. Yet, I don't believe in this kind of love, What is it for? It fails you as good human being. It destroy the happiness awaiting for you.

Is it true that if we are NOT in the same direction, now we lost? No we are not. I am not. I keep myself clear that my direction is similar as the RAINBOW...Colourful and I may happy at some time, I may fall down at any moment. I am the King of my direction. I am my direction. I lead to the better way. No matter how I am tore apart, I still know where I am going. I may PICK you up along the journey...if only you stay for the lifetime...I further my journey with YOU...