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I managed to arrive at school around 7.30 p.m. Quite impressed with myself because I could find my way to SMKAJ. It is somewhere located at the North of Sungai Petani, the place that am not familiar with. Am not good at reading map. Kenapa la terpaksa mengaku. admit that I am. Nasib tak pegi Bandar Aman Jaya. Jenuh sesat la kat sana. We have a healthy breakfast, sandwich and hot drinks. Nah, ada mee juga. I could not take it pagi2 buta. But, ada juga sket I put on my plate^_^

We started our first session with the introduction of Form 5 Literature Component, the poems and the novel.
Sometimes I feel like hating literature so much because I need to read those not because for the sake of pleasure but for me to lecture. The poem by the Jamaican is nice and we could make our students to RELATE/LINK, OBSERVE, WONDER and SENSE the poem in the FUN WAY.  The formula is OWLS.

Now, the second poem does not really interesting, my personal view. Kinda typical one. Anyone got interesting way to teach the 'flute' poem?

The novel, "Catch Us If You Can" sangat menyayat hati and is about the bond of granda and his grandson. The PPD team gave us good idea to teach it using song, "My Way".

The last activity we do was presenting our suggestion of GOOD lesson plans, as usual, the production stage. Kak Aini sang a song and I found that she is very strong emotionally. I am very sorry to know that her husband passed away last year. And the fact that she was one of SMPLM teaching team previously. I could feel her, emotionally. The feeling of losing the beloved one. My beloved mother had to leave when I was in a hard time. The AEs. the final term. I do not blame anyone but this makes me, ME. I am stronger than I know myself. Hope they rest in peace and God bless them~

Not to be forgotten, our group member, Kak Sharmila, Kak Thilaga, Kak Normala, Kak Zaidah, Kak Corina and Kak Ooi. Very bubbly and all are gorgeous super STARS. The ALL STAR group ^__^
sangat best! Naseb presentation ada tu LCD, if not doom la idea bernas kita (; I learn so much today, the experienced teachers were all enthuasiastic, energetic and lively. I represent the young batch should count our blessings and should never burn out so fast. We have long way to run and the long road never easy, man.
Well, the words of the day, there is never a LOYAL ROAD when it comes to learning. So, find many ways to gain knowledge and look at from different angles through different kind of TEACHERS. Yeay!

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I went to 'Nice Couple' Bookshop for xerox. (I named them as nice couple because the Indian wife and the Chinese husband always give discount to me when it comes to xerox, hihi)
Then, while waiting, an Indian guy entered, seemed just went back from working( at 9pm) was looking for a pencil case.
For his daughter. Or perhaps for a son.
Statement yg agak racist," It is rare to see my own race balik-balik dari kerja go directly to bookshop finding stationery or books to suffice the physical needs for their workers (the students-their children)
Normally, our Malay fathers go back home and ask to our mothers, Minum! Makan! Nak rehat ni".
Sapa pun dia, sangat kagum dengan pakcik ini.
I hope his children will be the good ones in future and return all his kindness. What a caring dad he is. He deserves good children. I admire his love towards his children. Abah, I miss you at this moment. You too has done all you might to grow us up until we become so besar, tinggi panjang. Thanks abah.

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The wind: coming and going

They are young at heart

Poor for some of my school children. They want to grow faster. Live like adults. Pretend like ones. Such a waste of their teen hood. Though some of them are intentionally stuck in their childhood, they got to move on. But, still. Unmoved. They shout and cry like babies. They play and laugh for the world to smile. They are sunshine. They all do. I told them so. They do young, they do growing. But, they won't understand that the world will never happily all time nor treat them nicely. They got to face and survive. Cruelty is everywhere. 

Students are their names. Learning are their temporary perpetual job. They got to work hard and smart in order to succeed in their career. No choice but drill. No excuse, but read. Do they know that berakit-rakit ke hulu........................bersenang-senang kemudian really works for everyone's life. They can prove to you. All of us might. So, please. My lovely babies, you guys really have to work it out. Show us what you might do. Learn in everywhere. Anywhere. With anyone. Learn something. Mistakes are your masters. Do learn! DO LEARN! Do learn!

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Semalam dan esok

If the other place has rainbow too
And if I have the key to pass through both. Only if...
But blur

I want to go somewhere I belong

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Lukisan kita~

Hidup ini umpama lukisan yang sangat berwarna-warni.
Tinggal kita nak corakkannya dengan kreatif, abstrak mahupun secara konservatif. Namun, hakikatnya, kita tak selalu dapat pegang berus cat dengan betul, kadang kita menguap tercalit jadi hodoh dan pelik, kadang kita teralit(alpa) lantas kita tersalah warna.
Kita punya pilihan untuk berehat seketika ataupun mewarna tanpa henti. Kita punya satu matlamat. Mewarna sampai habis. Atau dalam kata lain, menyiapkan sebuah lukisan indah buat tatapan mereka. Demi kepuasan peribadi mahupun untuk laku di mata mereka. Persekitaran boleh membantu. Turut, membantut. Terus sahaja melukis kerana matlamat dituju tak kira cepat mahupun lambat, kita juga yang putuskan masa. Kita melukis biar cantik. Kita mewarna, biar sekata. Mahu tak mahu, mereka melihat dan membaca kita. MUngkin yang kita mahu kelak lukisan kita terpampang indah. Bukan masuk dalam tong sampah.