We tend to make others happy in order to stay happy

We tend to get near people who are happy so we do not feel alone and sad

We yearn for happiness (not frustration or sadness)

We live life and certainly would like to be happy ever after (sometimes it last temporarily)

Happy is a big issue easy reload

Happy is the resolution for everyone

(Happy to be slimmer, happy to be better in career, happy to achieve the dream)

Though, for some people they need to live separately in order to gain happiness

They need to be apart to love and beloved

They need to keep mum makan hati to let him/her smile

Apparently, we are on our sweats when we lose the happiness

Realizing happiness sometimes/always needs sacrifice

It’s easy for some people, it’s almost impossible for some others

For whatever reason for us to live, we yearn for satisfaction and happiness

Do smile and let others be happy. Cheer up and cheer the people around you. You’ll be happy then, for sure.


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