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I am thinking of becoming a successful engineer one day, make hundred Ks.... forget about the price tag because I could buy anything *sigh

A dream left a dream. 
Decision to be who's who has been made. Destiny chose me to be one of a kind. Teacher. An ambitious teacher. Ehem, ehem. I proclaim myself an NOT ordinary teacher who perform the duty and responsibility to the expectation of the admin and society. We, the chosen special ones also abide by rules.

Rule #1: Do not swear before the students / Behave yourself in any (serious) condition

In this kind of suburban school, which similar to "To Sir with Love" students, not to mention the ranking of the school is in bottom 300, we are strictly prohibited to use vulgar language nor to point fingers to those innocent children. We are the role models and angels to the students. We cannot bring stick (if possible) to prevent us becoming reptiles. Arm yourself only with preach and chalks.

Rule #2: Wear proper attire inside or outside the school compound at ALL time

I would advise this to those who care what people care talk about you. In my case, I live in the place where I can stumble upon almost every student and parent of the young and innocent children. They may look at you from top to toe to judge you. Be careful because, once again, you are the role models to their children. They hope you make changes. And the ones who make changes must be brilliant and PERFECT in their eyes.

#Rule 3: To be continued in next post.

P/S: How you can grow up with lots of expectations from every angle?  No way! (rebel kanak2 punya style)

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